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The GNG Community

We want everyone to benefit from the information that appears on the GoodNanoGuide (“GNG”). But to ensure that happens, we had to make a tough decision about who can add information to, or edit information that appears on, the site. The reason should be understandable: people looking for knowledge about good workplace practices need to feel confident (subject to the GNG’s disclaimer) that the information they are reviewing has been prepared by experts in the relevant field. Thus we decided to limit contributors to experts in the various areas covered by the GNG. Link here to see an index of current contributors (“expert providers”) to the GNG.

There are three basic ways for you to become active in the GoodNanoGuide:

Guest Visitor- You do not need a user name or password to view the public pages of this site. The non-public pages on the site are dedicated to site administration. If you want to comment on something you have read on the GNG, make a suggestion or just ask a question please do so through the GNG Forum.

Community Member- It would be great if everyone who uses the site registers. That way we know who is participating in the GNG. Just fill out the Community Member Registration Form, and you will be provided with a user name and password. You will then have the enhanced capability to use the comment form that appears on the bottom of each page to talk about the specific page. All feedback is welcomed.

Expert Provider- If you are an expert in any area that will benefit the GNG, please fill out the Expert Provider Registration Form. Once approved by the Implementation Committee, you will be able to: (1) add content to, or edit current content that appears on, the GNG content pages (but not all pages, as certain general pages will remained locked); (2) attach documents to the GNG, or add images; and (3) comment on specific pages. In sum, you will join with experts from around the world in an effort to develop good practices for handling engineered nanomaterials in an occupational setting.