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Basics of Nanotechnology

The GoodNanoGuide is designed to be a platform in which experts can exchange ideas on how best to handle nanomaterials in the workplace. In this section, the GoodNanoGuide will address basic questions about the development of nanotechnologies generally and of good practices for handling engineered and other nanomaterials in the workplace. This section is not intended, however, to be a thorough examination of all issues involving nanotechnologies and good workplace practices. Here is a list of the general questions that the GoodNanoGuide will try to address:

If you would like a more comprehensive overview about how to protect workers involved with nanotechnologies, please either proceed directly to the Nanomaterial Specific Guidelines and Protocols or Nanomaterial Occupational Risk Management Matrix sections of the GoodNanoGuide or download Matthew Hull’s Environmental, Health and Safety: A Guide for Small Business (1 Mb).

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