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Basic Use Protocol

The following basic use protocols guide the development of the GoodNanoGuide:

  • The GoodNanoGuide’s Implementation Committee will evaluate all requests for ‘provider’ rights to add contributions to the GoodNanoGuide. All providers and their contributions to the GoodNanoGuide will be identified by name. Unless approved by the Implementation Committee, the GoodNanoGuide will not post anonymous contributions.
  • The GoodNanoGuide will work with and complement other nanotechnology information projects, including online libraries and encyclopedias. In addition, it is expected that over time the GoodNanoGuide may grow to encompass other issues involved with nanotechnology’s development. Finally, it is expected that over time self-assembled groups of participants in the GoodNanoGuide may branch off to form process- or product-specific good practice forums.
  • The GoodNanoGuide’s Implementation Committee will establish a protocol to resolve conflicts as to page content, or a protocol to post notice of conflict, so that the audience is fully aware as to differences of opinion regarding possible good practices. In addition, GoodNanoGuide pages will include a polling function, or ‘recognized practice’ bar, to denote expert opinion on the validity of the good practice being discussed on a particular page.
  • All contributions made to the GoodNanoGuide by providers should reflect a neutral point of view.
  • Initially, the GoodNanoGuide will be restricted to material published by a reliable source. However, as the GoodNanoGuide develops and matures, it will endeavor to provide a forum for new and original good practice protocols in order to promote as much as possible the sharing of information and knowledge among experts in the field.
  • To the extent possible, all information posted on the GoodNanoGuide should be made available under the latest version of the GNU Free Documentation License (or a comparable licensing system).
  • The GoodNanoGuide will feature one or more disclaimers to notify the audience as to fluid nature of the site and protect to the greatest extent possible those individuals and groups that contribute to the GoodNanoGuide. All information on the GoodNanoGuide has no implied or expressed warranty.