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nanoHUB accelerates the adoption of research tools in the classroom


Simulation tools published on nanoHUB (numbers shown on y-axis) are introduced into classrooms much faster (x-axis) via nanoHUB than via a typical textbook update.

Through nanoHUB.org, the Network for Computational Nanotechnology is revolutionizing how research moves into the engineering classroom. Research tools published on nanoHUB enter classrooms at multiple institutions within weeks or months, rather than years.

Simulation tools deployed on nanoHUB diffuse into the curricula in a median time of 174 days (5.7 months).

Research innovations take about 3.8 years to enter the college curriculum through textbooks. Completely new concepts often are not incorporated into textbooks for two editions, raising the time for true innovation to enter textbooks to an average of about eight years.

While a new simulation tool published on nanoHUB is introduced immediately to classes taught by the tool’s developer, the tool also is adopted quickly for classroom use at other institutions. Typically, the tool is adopted within six months of publication on nanoHUB at institutions not affiliated with the tool’s author.

Last updated 30 September 2012