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Photovoltaics HUB

Photovoltaics HUB


PVhub is an online resource to support research, education, and collaboration in photovoltaics – concentrating on PV materials, devices, and modules. PVhub aims to become a major, international resource supporting research collaboration, dissemination, education, and technology transfer.

PVHub leverage the considerable capabilities of nanoHUB.org, which serves users across the globe and the unique cyberinfrastructure platform, HUBzero (hubzero.org). The unique aspect of this infrastructure lies in its ability to provide access to sophisticated simulations and databases through a standard web browser with no need to download, install, and support software. These capabilities are supported by training and educational resources that have proven to be especially popular with users as well as by collaborative tools that support distributed research teams. Our aim is to support research teams while at the same time developing a major international resource that will help give their research great impact.

For more information, contact:

Mark Lundstrom
Director, Network for Photovoltaic Technology