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The following are works that have cited or referenced this site or some piece of site content. Each citation links to the piece of content it references and is downloadable in either BibTex or EndNote format.

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We are working on a new system where you can submit your own citations. Until then, please submit a citation to the support team using this form.

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Table 1: nanoHUB Citations Summary
Total Citations0
Citations Authors0
Citations in Research0
Resources Cited
NCN Affiliated Citations0
Outside NCN Citations0
h-Index Comparison of h-index for nanoHUB vs. Established Researchers
Total Secondary Citations
Table 2: Citations Authors by Organization Type
Organization Type Authors
Table 3: Citations by Topic Areas
Topic NCN Affiliated Outside NCN Total
  -  Experimentalist + Data000
  -  Experimental Data Total000
Research & Education000
Table 4: Citations counts by Continent
Continent Citations
Table 5: Top 15 Tools Ranked by Citations
Rank Tool Total Citations
Table 6: Citations per year
Year 1 Affiliated 1 Non-affiliated Total
Total 0 0 0
2020 0 0 0
No Year 0 0 0
Table 7: Citations by type
Type Percent Total
Total 100% 0

  1. Affiliation refers to if the author of the work that cited a piece of this site's content was in any way affiliated with the parent organization of the site.