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Dry Powder Synthesis Controls

Operation Operation of nanoparticle synthesis reactors or experimental nanomaterial tools

Potential Risk Synthesis reactors have the potential to generate new nanoparticles with a high concentration. Depending on the type of system, there is a potential for exposure to high concentrations of nanoparticles during operation or cleaning.


  • All nanomaterial generators must have sufficient operating controls to prevent employee exposures to nanomaterials during operating and maintenance procedures
  • Exhaust systems must be equivalent to HEPA exhaust filtration
  • All nanomaterial generators and R&D research tools shall be reviewed by the EHS organization prior to operation.
  • All operating and maintenance procedures must be in accordance with the manufacturers instructions/specifications

Alternatively, Control Banding may be employed when more is known about material reactivity, exposure duration and material state.

Material Specific Protocols

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