Adding a citation of a nanoHUB resource

The nanoHUB citation system searches through Google Scholar for articles that cite “nanoHUB” and nanoHUB resources.  Citations of these articles are then added to the list of citations associated with the resource.

If a nanoHUB resource was used in published work, and the citation is not showing up on the resource page, you can help by sending NCN the details.  You do not have to be the author of the publication or resource to update the nanoHUB citation database.

Please send us the following information:

  1. A permanent link to the article

  2. The names and URLs of each of the nanoHUB resources that were used in the publication.  Each resource used will be linked to the citation.

To submit:

Log in to nanoHUB and send us this information through the trouble ticket system, which you can access via the “help” menu at the top right of the nanoHUB window.

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