What’s in nanoHUB? 

There are many libraries and tools installed in nanoHUB that can be accessed from workspace or Jupyter notebooks.

Some examples of what is installed in nanoHUB:

Installed in nanoHUB logos

Some examples of what nanoHUB simulation tools and output can work with:

What nanoHUB can work with logos

To get a list of packages installed in Jupyter Notebooks

Type pip list in a code cell, or in a Jupyter terminal.

To get a list of environments available in the nanoHUB execution hosts

In workspace, type use to see the list of "environments" available in the nanoHUB server.

Here is a saved list of the environments available in nanoHUB (This is a link to a Google sheet that you can view, search and copy). Some may have restricted use due to licensing requirements.

To save your own copy, type: use 2> filename

Then use the import/export window to download the file to your local machine.

To get a list of environments available in the HPC clusters

To see the environments available in the clusters, type:  submit --help tools &> filename

Here is a saved list of these tools.

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