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MATLAB is available for nanoHUB tool developers actively developing or supporting a nanoHUB MATLAB tool.  Licenses will be approved on a case-by-case basis for verified new or existing nanoHUB tool developers.  To request use of a Purdue MATLAB license, please submit a help ticket using the Help button at the top right (or in the drop-down menu) of any nanoHUB page. 

Your request must state explicitly that you are using MATLAB for the sole purpose of developing a nanoHUB tool for non-commercial, academic use.  For example:

“I am developing a MATLAB tool, <tool name>, with Professor Einstein at Princeton University for publication on nanoHUB.  I am requesting access to MATLAB, and will use this software for the sole purpose of non-commercial, academic development and support of nanoHUB tools.”

Please note that use of a Purdue MATLAB license is only permitted while a tool is being developed, updated, or supported.

If you are a nanoHUB tool developer and do not meet these requirements, please consider using the open-source Octave programming language, which is largely compatible with MATLAB syntax.

To enable MATLAB, see “How Do I Enable MATLAB In My Workspace?” 

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