Formatting the text of the courseThe font and its size. Do not change the classic Times New Roman with 14-point size.
1.5 -this is the size of the line spacing, according to GOST.
Moving on to the fields. We set aside 10 millimeters for the right margin, 30 for the left and 20 mm for the bottom and top.
Align the text to the width, orientation -portrait.
The final text of the work is stitched and handed over in a single copy

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    How to draw up links in term paperLinks are an indication of the source in the text. They are formatted as follows: the number of the source under which it is indicated in the list of references and the page number from which the information is taken are entered in square brackets.How to design footnotes in term paperA footnote is an indication of the source in the text with full information. The design of footnotes is done in Word, its interface is simple enough for such work.To do this, clickon the "LINKS" button on the control panel, then select "Insert footnote". After that, the index will appear at the specified place, and at the end of the page a line to indicate the source.

Types of footnotes
Footnotes come in two flavors: endnotes and footnotes.The usual footnote is placed on the same page where the source is mentioned. In this case, the numbering of footnotes starts over from each page.An endnote is placed at the end of the work. The result is a numbered list of footnotes. In this case, the numbering of footnotes is continuous throughout the text.How to make a list of referencesWriting a bibliography takes a lot of time and attention. 

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