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Tags: molecular dynamics


Molecular dynamics is a form of computer simulation in which atoms and molecules are allowed to interact for a period of time by approximations of known physics, giving a view of the motion of the particles. This kind of simulation is frequently used in the study of proteins and biomolecules, as well as in materials science. More information on Molecular dynamics can be found here.

Members (1-18 of 18)

  1. Stephan Lloyd Watkins

  2. Fernando Cruz

  3. Vikram Kulkarni

    Bachelor of Science: Carnegie Mellon University 2010.Master of Science: Rice University 2013.

  4. Roberto Rivelino

    I’m Roberto Rivelino, Associate Professor of Physics at Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. My research interests are in molecular and condensed matter physics. Currently, I...

  5. Frederick R Phelan Jr.

  6. Katrin Stöbener

  7. Ben Szajewski

  8. Yao Li

    applied physics, material simulation

  9. Nicolas Torres

  10. Chi-Chin Wu

  11. Heeyuen Koh

  12. Buddy Damm

    I am interested in applying computational materials science tools to practicle issues in ferrous metallurgy in order to advance our understanding and applications of steels. My educational...

  13. Chandra Veer Singh

  14. Stefan Bringuier

    I’m currently a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Arizona pursuing my PhD

  15. Frederic Sansoz

  16. Francisco Murphy

    Studying biochemistry and molecular biology Want to do a master

  17. Majid alDosari

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