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  1. error of mpi

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    when i run meep tool with more than 1 cpu.  the error shows:

    /apps/rhel6/xalt/bin/mpirun: line 62: qstat: command not found
    /apps/rhel6/xalt/bin/mpiexec: line 62: qstat:...


  2. Sachin Sharma


  3. Perfect Absorber Metamaterial simulator

    19 Dec 2012 | | Contributor(s):: sainath gupta, Bala Krishna Juluri

    perfect absorber matametrial

  4. how can i use Meep on clusters in nanohub?

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    I need to run large simulations with Meep which require a cluster, but I don’t have access to such a cluster. how can I use meep in nanohub?


  5. MEEP Error?

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    I tried to design a device in millimeter length. When I give for run, i received an error

    “INVALID BOUNDARY ABSORBERS FOR THIS GRID_VOLUME” am not understanding, where is the...


  6. MEEP (MIT Electromagnetic Equation Propagation)

    This page provides links to various nanoHUB resources related to MEEP (MIT Electromagnetic Equation Propagation) The MEEP tool, simulates MEEP. The Nanofilm lab tool, powered by MEEP, simulates the...


  7. Meep-discuss mailing list and Meep documentation (version 2!)

    13 Mar 2011 | Posted by Robin Whittle

    This blog software doesn't allow preview or the editing or deletion of past messages. Here's an attempt at better formatting of my previous message. - Robin Whittle ...


  8. Meep-discuss mailing list and Meep documentation

    13 Mar 2011 | Posted by Robin Whittle

    Regarding the Molecular Foundry Photonics Toolkit, here are some links to Meep resources: Meep homepage, with downloads, tutorial and documentation: ...


  9. Robin Whittle


  10. Oct 27 2010

    From Lens-Maker's to Maxwell's Equations: Focal Fields and the nanometer computational challenge

    NCN@Illinois Students Meeting, with keynote presentation by NCN@Illinois student Zuhaib Bashir Sheikh.Free lunch will be provided.All are welcome.


  11. Zuhaib Bashir Sheikh

    Zuhaib Bashir Sheikh attained his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois in 2006. His undergraduate research focus was in semiconductor fabrication. He is currently a graduate...