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  1. oxide thickness/

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    what does self consistent calculation mean? when is oxide thickness included for Si NW calculation? Thanks for your excellent tool


  2. simulate CdTe

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    Is it possible to simulate CdTe nanowire through the bandstructure lab? That will be tremendous help. Thanks in...


  3. simulation is slow for large diameters

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    I tried to run the simulator for fairly large InAs NW, with diameter ~5 to 20nm. Even with the number of...


  4. Strain in % or fraction

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    Does the 0.02 denote a fraction or percentage? from usual strain values,it looks like percentage but wanted to confirm


  5. Highly non-spherical heavy hole bands for bulk GaAs??

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    I calculated the band structure of bulk GaAs. The effective masses for the heavy holes were given as: ...


  6. Benjamin P Haley

    Ben received his B.S. in Physics from Purdue in 1998. He worked for Cummins Engine Co and Intel before attending graduate school at UC Davis. He received a Masters in Engineering Applied Science...


  7. Abhijeet Paul

    Abhijeet Paul is a Device Engineer at GLOBALFOUNDRIES USA, located at Albany. He is currently working on the device analysis, electrical characterization, modeling, TCAD and electrical targetting...


  8. Neophytos Neophytou

    Neophytos Neophytou is a postdoctoral research scientist at the Technical University of Vienna since August 2008. Neophytos Neophytou received his B. S. degree in Electrical and Computer...