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379 What are the units of force in the MD CNT simulations?
Asked by Christopher Kenneth Rowan Open 1
378 how do i input zero as an answer. pressing the number 0 does not work
Asked by Russell Thompson Closed 1
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377 obtain source code
Asked by Philip David Flammer Closed 1
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376 mechanism for the growth of metal whiskers?
Asked by prabhakar sidambaram Open 0
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375 Why resistance of a metallic CNT is decreasing with increase of temperature?
Asked by rasmita sahoo Closed 1
374 What should my directory structure be for a tool project?
Asked by Alisa Neeman Open 1
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373 How do I sftp code to my workspace on nanohub?
Asked by Alisa Neeman Closed 2
372 Cantilever Design in MEMS module of Comsol
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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371 others metals
Asked by naitbouda abdelyamine Closed 1
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369 Barrier material, energy scale
Asked by Celso de A. Duarte Closed 1
368 Models
Asked by Paolo Turati Open 0
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Asked by Dr James R Leitch Open 2
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366 tools for CNT-biosensors
Asked by Ibrahim Ali NoorBatcha Open 2
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365 how to plot the wavefunctions or their square?
Asked by N Lin Open 1
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364 Error message: “Angle type not specified in TSL data file”
Asked by Victoria Yardley Open 1
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363 problem: electric field in oxide is not constant
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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362 loading skeleton data takes too long
Asked by Raheem Syed Open 1
361 Followup: Uniaxial Strain is Scaled from Entered Value
Asked by Jamie Teherani Closed 1
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360 Frequency dependent materials
Asked by Elif Degirmenci Open 0
359 Uniaxial Strain is Scaled from Entered Value
Asked by Jamie Teherani Closed 3
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