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Events: 2013/03

  • 07 Mar 2013
    1:00 pm EST 
    to 10:00 pm EST 

    NCN - NEEDS Workshop on Compact Modeling

    Category: conference/workshop

    9:30 AM: Introduction (M. Lundstrom) MRGN 121 10:00 AM Introduction to Compact Models, Verilog-A and NEEDS-SPICE (Professor Jaijeet Roychowdhury and Tianshi Wang, U.C. Berkeley) 11:00 AM NEEDS Guidelines for Writing Verilog-A Compact Models (Karthik Aadithya, U.C. Berekeley) 12:00...

  • 08 Mar 2013
    3:00 pm EST 
    to 10:00 pm EST 

    Intel Workshop: VTUNE/Trace Collector Training

    Category: conference/workshop

    Intel will be presenting a workshop at Purdue about VTUNE/Trace Collector Training

  • 13 Mar 2013
    3:00 pm EDT 
    to 4:00 pm EDT 

    Acceptor based qubits in silicon : Dr. Jan Mol

    Category: seminar

    Systems with spin-orbit interaction have significant potential for solid-state quantum computation. Coupling between the orbital angular momentum and the spin in the valence band of silicon opens the possibility for rapid all-electrical manipulation of an acceptor-bound spin-orbit state, while...

  • 14 Mar 2013
    3:00 pm EDT 
    to 4:00 pm EDT 

    NNIN/C @ Michigan Webinar: Solving for Micro and Macro-scale Electrostatic Configurations using Robin Hood Solver

    Category: seminar

    Topic: Solving for Micro and Macro-scale Electrostatic Configurations using Robin Hood Solver. Date: March 14th, 2013 Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT. Presenters: Toni Drabik, Sales Director at Artes Calculi Ltd. Hrvoje Abraham, CEO, Artes Calculi Ltd. In this webinar you will learn...

  • 18 Mar 2013
    2:30 am EDT 
    to 20 Mar 2013
    11:30 am EDT 

    International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN2013)â

    Category: conference/workshop

    Dear All, Many greetings and wishes to you. We are very pleased to inform you that the Department of Physics & Nanotechnology,SRM University in association with Research Institute of Electronics(RIE), Shizuoka University, Japan & Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS), New...

  • 18 Mar 2013
    12:00 pm EDT 
    to 9:00 pm EDT 

    Abstract Deadline: The 7th International Conference on Thermal Engineering (ICTEA)

    Category: conference/workshop

    The 7th International Conference on Thermal Engineering (ICTEA) will be held from June 4 to June 7, 2013 in Xi’an, China at Northwestern Polytechnic University. This conference covers a wide range of topics related to energy. The conference main objective is to bring together researchers...

  • 21 Mar 2013
    7:00 am EDT 
    to 8:00 am EDT 

    Integrated Nanosystems for Ultra-Miniaturized Computers...and More

    Category: seminar

    Dr. Ellenbogen will provide an overview of ongoing work and recent achievements in the MITRE Corporation's broadly-based, twenty-year effort in nanotechnology, engineering on the utlra-tiny molecular scale. Recently, as a result of that long-term interdisciplinary effort, a MITRE-Harvard team...

  • 27 Mar 2013
    3:00 pm EDT 
    to 4:00 pm EDT 

    Data-adaptive Filtering and the State of the Art in Image Processing

    Category: seminar

    Abstract: Recent approaches to processing and restoration of images and video have brought together several powerful data-adaptive methods from different fields of work. Examples include Moving Least Square (from computer graphics), the Bilateral Filter and Anisotropic Diffusion (from computer...

  • 29 Mar 2013
    7:30 pm EDT 
    to 8:30 pm EDT 

    Differential thermopower spectroscopy in quantum point contacts

    Category: seminar

    Quantum point contacts (QPCs) are narrow constrictions between large reservoirs of two-dimensional electron gas, with conductance quantized in units of G = 2e2/h at zero magnetic field. Despite decades of investigation, many transport properties of QPCs remain mysterious, including the extra...


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