Publications: Datasets

  1. NNCI Modeling/Simulation Tools List

    2017-07-26 16:54:45 | Contributor(s): NNCI Computation | doi:10.4231/D3930NX3C

    NNCI Modeling/Simulation Tools List provides a collective inventory of modeling and simulation resources and capabilities across NNCI sites and includes helpful information such as a point of contact for each tool, any access restrictions, and academic citations.
  2. Nano Education Resources

    2017-03-14 15:32:54 | Contributor(s): Quinn Spadola, Lisa Friedersdorf | doi:10.4231/D3K35MF70

    This is a database of nanoeducation resources that can be searched, filtered, and sorted. Resources are listed by topic area, grade level, core discipline, STEM content area, and resource type.
  3. Database of The Big Ideas in Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NSTA)

    2016-03-25 20:23:57 | Contributor(s): Tanya Faltens | doi:10.4231/D3HH6C69T

    This database lists the 9 Big Ideas of Nanoscale Science and Engineering along with the Learning Goals associated with each Big Idea. Instructors should refer to the NSTA publication, "The Big Ideas of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, A Guidebook for Secondary Teachers" (c) 2009 NSTA Press (156...
  4. NISE Net NanoDays Kit Database

    2016-01-22 21:38:38 | Contributor(s): Tanya Faltens

    This is a database of NISE Net NanoDays Kits, with links to information about the kits and instructional videos. This database was created in 2014 and there may be some additional content added since then. This database contains all the...