nanoWind: A HTML5 Presentation Production Tool Installation Files

By Tianwei Liu1; Joseph M. Cychosz1

1. Network for Computational Nanotechnology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN



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Please note this code is unsupported at this time..
We are actively developing this code, there will be more instructional materials available in the future. We welcome your feed back and any bugs found. We are just not guaranteeing any level of support at this time.

nanoWind has a critical system privilege bug for its updating mechanism. We have fixed this bug after version 3.1.1 build 4. If you are running nanoWind on Windows Vista or later and nanoWind shows errors while updating, please download the installer executable file and do a fresh install on top of the old version. Sorry about the inconvenience,

nanoWind is a Microsoft Office 2007 plugin designed to generate scripts for HUBpresenter using Final Cut XML, PowerPoint voice-narration or Adobe Presenter Project(aka. Breeze).



  • Please make sure you have Internet connection and system administrator privilege while installing.
  • Please download the installer file by clicking on "Download (EXE)" button to the right.




  • Please make sure you have Internet connection and system administrator privilege while updating.
  • Updating is as simple as clicking on the "Help" drop-down menu in nanoWind ribbon, and then click on "About". A "Update" button will become clickable if new version is available. After clicking on that button, nanoWind will update itself automatically.



Current Release

(Major Release) 2013.05.07 Version 3.1.1 Build 7



What's New

2013.05.07 Version 3.1.1 Build 7

  • 1. Fixed bug when converting breeze slides with no audio
  • 2. Updated FFmpeg to 1.2.

Version 3.1.1 Build 5

  • 1. Now using ffmpeg exclusively to convert all html5 formats (ogv conversion will be faster now).
  • 2. Name of placeholder image changed to "presenter.png".
  • 3. Fixed serveral bugs caused by User Account Control(UAC) in Windows Vista and after (Now nanoWind Components will be automatically copied to desktop so nanoWind can have access to it even when PowerPoint is not running under administrator privilege).
  • 4. Updated FFmpeg to 1.1.3 "Fire Flower".

Version 3.1.1 Build 4

  • 1. Added nanoWind Component verification in case installation was not done correctly.
  • 2. Added PowerPoint time tag filter to prevent error caused by excess time tags in voice-narration conversion.
  • 3. Added selection of output in voice-narration conversion.
  • 4. FFmpeg conversion failure now generates more detailed report.
  • 5. Reworked zooming in Wind editor.
  • 6. Set web title to be the same as slide 1 title is now default.
  • 7. HD format tag will be added if reference video is HD format.
  • 8. Video porject now can be published as audio only.
  • 9. Now using ffmpeg to convert ogv audio, video ogv conversion will be handled by ffmpeg in the future update instead of ffmpeg2theora.

2013.01.24 Version 3.1.1 Build 2

  • Added a bell sound when rendering or publishing finishes.
  • Added a warning to the pre-check if there are unused or hidden slides.
  • Added a button to delete unused and hidden slides at the end.
  • Publishing will save a sbv close caption timing template.
  • Added voice-narration support for pptx created in Power Point 2010.
  • Reworked HTML5 conversion mechanism.
  • Added option to render 1024x768 video clips.
  • Reworked video clip rendering mechanism.
  • Shift slides if starting image is not 001.
  • Fixed bug in video clip detection.
  • Fixed bug that publish is not enabled if voice-narration output is wav.
  • Added single quotes to extended ASCII filter.
  • Added progress report when merging audio files.
  • Updated FFmpeg to 1.1.1 "Fire Flower".
  • Minor rearrangment on some user interface.

2012.11.30 Version 3.1.0 Build 120

  • Reworked video detection when loading Final Cut XML in Pro edition
  • Reworked go-back slide detection when loading Final Cut XML in Pro edition
  • Added PowerPoint voice narration conversion in Lite edition
  • Added option to put video on left when publishing

2012.10.26 Version 3.1.0 Build 116

  • Fixed critical bug that caused by new functions added in Build 115.
  • Improved performance of loading Final Cut XML in Pro edition.

2012.10.25 Version 3.1.0 Build 115

  • Added "Move following marker" and "Move previous marker" functions to nanoVane.
  • Fixed bug that only jpg is allowed in Pro edition, now png and bmp are supported.
  • Fixed bug that only Keynote slide with "slide" prefix is allowed in Pro edition, now any Keynote slide fits "prefix.001-001" naming convention will be supported.
  • Updated FFmpeg to 1.0 "Angel"

2012.09.27 Version 3.1.0 Build 111

  • Fixed several critical bugs in Pro edition.
  • Table of Go-back Slide tab added to Pro edition

2012.09.25 Version 3.1.0 Build 108

  • Lite edition open for public beta.


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