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NEMO5 Regression Tests

By James Fonseca

Purdue University



Published on


Tests for current source revision 19861. Click the main download button. Uploaded June 3rd, 2015.

In each directory, there are:
1. an input file
2a. an testinfo file which contains the default number of cores to run--not necessarily the fastest number of cores to use.
2b. any file with a "_ref" in the name is a reference file. The simulation will produce outputs that should be close (i.e. within 1%) to the reference files. The file produced by the simulation will have the same as the reference, minus the "_ref". For example, the reference for the lanczos test is "schroedi_energies_ref.dat". The simulation, when run, should produce "schroedi_energies.dat".

There is also a script which works like regular diff; but will allow some variance (e.g. 1%) in the results.
python schroedi_energies_ref.dat schroedi_energies.dat 0.01

Finally, the tests' runtime vary. Some will take a couple seconds, others may take longer. Look at the .res file for an estimate. 


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