Introduction to Nanotechnology - An "Elementary" Education Program

By Mark M Budnik

Valparaiso University

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Presentation for: Around the world, primary and secondary schools are challenged to implement appropriate programs for their gifted and talented students. In this paper, we present how our community's public school system and our college of engineering collaboratively developed and implemented a program on Nanotechnology for a group of forty 9-11 year olds on a completely self-sustaining basis. The program's objectives and outcomes are aligned with our state's Core Science and Academic Standards. Modest student fees (US $30 per child) cover the training and salary for undergraduate students to serve as instructors, as well as the salary for the K-12 teachers/mentors to be present as additional support during the sessions. After completing the program, the children met over 90% of the objectives. Subjectively, the program was highly regarded by both parents and students. Survey results from children who attended the program and their parents were 5.00/5.00 and 4.79/5.00, respectively.

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