Video Authorization Form

By Joseph M. Cychosz

Network for Computational Nanotechnology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN



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Thank you for considering to have your seminar or presentation taped by the nanoHUB team for online presentation. Please use this downloadable form to grant permission to record and to make your presentation available on the community website This form may be signed or presented at the time of recording.

You as the contributor retain all copyright rights regarding your presentation materials. No transfer of copyright is implied or expressed. You are granting through license permission to make available for performance or playback via the nanoHUB. Optionally you may grant permission to create derivative works through the Creative Commons license.

Overview of the nanoHUB Production Process

The currrent technologies that the nanoHUB uses to make your presentation available online are: 1) Adobe-Macromedia Presenter (formally known as Breeze) which creates a Flash based version of your presentation, 2) Adobe Acrobat PDF as a companion copy of your presentation slides, 3) podcast in video and/or audio formats. To create these final forms of your presentation we need in addition to the live video recording, your Powerpoint file and any needed movie files. We do not make these specific materials available online they are only used in the preperation process. The primary purpose of the video recording is to allow us to sync your voice to your slides. In most cases it is not made available for public viewing.

In addition to providing us with your Powerpoint and movie files, we ask that you create a nanoHUB login if you do not already have an account. As a contributor we connect your nanoHUB login to your presentation thereby giving you future control to edit your presentation. To create a nanoHUB account please visit:

The video with a few exceptions is used only in the syncronization process. The video is not posted to the nanoHUB. There are legacy presentations that are supplied on the nanoHUB as video streams.

Authorization Form

This form is comprised of four sections:

  1. Today's Recording: This section simply grants the NCN permission to record your presentation.
  2. Intended nanoHUB Release License: This section grants license to the NCN or the INAC to make your presentation available on its community website These centers and the nanoHUB are maintained by Purdue University. All published materials will be attributed to the author(s). The legal terms of this agreement can be found at:

    Optional Creative Commons license: You my optionally select to have your presentation made available under the Creative Common license "Attibution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5".
    This license allows for the creation and sharing of deriivative works for non-commercial use and requires attribution to the original author(s).

  3. License Granting: This section simply certifies that you are the author of this original work, or you are authorized by the owner(s) to grant the license to its use as identified above.
    You will be asked to select one of three posibble cases.

    • Yes, you are the author or you are authorized by the owner(s) to grant this license.
    • Yes, but you need to obtain additional approval before license can be granted. The nanoHUB recognizes that many of our
      contributors, especially those from industry, may need to seek permission beyound that of the author and that a good faith effort will be
      made to resolve the additional approvals.
    • Yes, but you are not sure of the ownership of some of the materials used within my presentation, and
      believe their usage falls under "fair use".

      Please be sensitive to intellectual property concerns. The best course is to use only your own material.
      If you must use other materials please include an appropriate reference. Its use may be acceptable under "fair use" provisions.
      If you have permission to use the these materials please note the material with "used with permission". Be especially sensitive to
      commercial properties such as stock photography, newspaper/magazine cartoons, and celebrity images.

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