Purdue Bifacial Module Calculator

By Binglin Zhao1, Xingshu Sun1, Mohammad Ryyan Khan1, Muhammad Ashraful Alam1

1. Purdue University

A tool to simulate and optimize the energy yield of both bifacial and monofacial solar modules

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Published on 20 Feb 2018 All versions

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Purdue University Bifacial Module Calculator (PUB) is a module-level simulator that can accurately model and optimize the performance of a bifacial module at any arbitrary location. PUB can also simulate bifacial modules with different installation parameters (e.g., tilt and azimuth angles, module height) installed in regions with different ground albedo coefficients. By PUB, a user can compare the location-specific energy yield of a bifacial module to that of its monofacial counterpart to evaluate the financial viability of the bifacial technology. The results can also be used to facilitate the optimization of bifacial solar farms.


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