Simulate Knudsen Thermal Forces using DSMC solver SPARTA

Simulates Knudsen Thermal Forces in a 2-D domain

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Version 1.2 - published on 08 Sep 2015

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This tool was designed to use DSMC to simulate a new pressure sensor that is in development by Professor Alexeenko's team at Purdue University. The tool is called Microelectromechanical In-place Knudsen Radiometric Actuator (MIKRA). It is meant for people who aren't familiar with DSMC to be able to run some DSMC simulations, and see the post-processed results. This GUI runs a DSMC solver called SPARTA, so this tool is also nice for users who may or may not be familiar with DSMC and SPARTA, but want to see how it works. The GUI outputs the SPARTA input file, which is nice to get new users started, as creating the SPARTA input file can be very challenging.

The basic design of the simulation is a rectangular simulation domain with one or two rectangular surfaces. The user can choose the size of the domain, the size of the surfaces, and many flow parameters. The GUI outputs the surface properties, grid properties, SPARTA input and output file, and post processed data. The user can look at the post processed flow field available, or use the given grid properties to look at the flow field in some other visualization software, such as Tecplot.

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  • Aaron J Pikus, Israel Borges Sebastiao, Alina Alexeenko (2015), "Simulate Knudsen Thermal Forces using DSMC solver SPARTA," (DOI: 10.4231/D3FB4WN2C).

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