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  4. Pilling-Bedworth Ratio Calculator

    15 Apr 2022 | Contributor(s):: Zachary D McClure, Alejandro Strachan

    Query unit cell structures from the Materials Project and calculate Pilling-Bedworth Ratio between metal and oxides

  5. Model Rockets and Composite Materials: Design, Build, Launch

    27 May 2021 | | Contributor(s):: Amber Genau

    Students will gain experience with polymer matrix fiber composites, composite production, and the tradeoffs inherent in the engineering design process by designing, building and launching their own model rocket.  Composite materials are created via hand layup and vacuum assisted resin...

  6. Materials Simulation Toolkit for Machine Learning (MAST-ML) tutorial

    07 May 2021 | | Contributor(s):: Ryan Jacobs, BENJAMIN AFFLERBACH

    Tutorial showing the many use cases for the MAST-ML package to build, evaluate and analyze machine learning models for materials applications.

  7. DFT Results Explorer

    17 Feb 2021 | | Contributor(s):: Saaketh Desai, Juan Carlos Verduzco Gastelum, Daniel Mejia, Alejandro Strachan

    Use visualization tools to explore correlations in a DFT simulation results database

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  10. Aug 24 2020

    ICANM2020: 8th International Conference & Exhibition on Advanced & Nano Materials

    The 8th International Conference & Exhibition on Advanced & Nano Materials (ICANM2020) will take place from August 24 to 26 in Ottawa, Canada. This conference offers the unique...


  11. Jeffrey W Bullard


  12. Materials Camp for High School Students

    01 Jul 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Amber Genau

    These activities were all developed for the Materials Camp program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), which began in 2011. The camp is a five-day, non-residential program designed to introduce mostly local 10th-12th grade students to the field of materials engineering and the...

  13. Materials Matching Mixer Activity

    29 Jun 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Amber Genau

    This materials-themed ice breaker activity is great for the first day of a camp program to get students thinking about basic material properties, as well as talking to each other and speaking out loud in front of the group.  The name of a common engineering material (steel, rubber, concrete,...

  14. Pineapple Packaging Design Challenge

    29 Jun 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Amber Genau

    This activity asks students to work in teams to consider the pros and cons of different materials as a container for cut pineapple (metal can plastic jar, glass jar).  It reinforces the differences between different categories of material, weighing conflicting factors to reach a design...

  15. Engineering Communication with Tinker Toys

    29 Jun 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Amber Genau

    This resource describes three variations on an engineering communication activity using Tinker Toys.  In the main activity, small groups of students are given a bag of Tinker Toys and instructed to build anything they like.  They are then asked to write down building instructions for...

  16. Jesse Edwards

    I am interested in exploring nanoHUB as a tool to educate students from various disciplines. I have served as a Professor and Administrator in the Florida A&M University Chemistry Department for...


  17. Angelo Giovanni Oñate Soto

    Angelo Oñate Soto is a member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Universidad del Bío Bío. He is a Mechanical Engineer and has a degree in Engineering Sciences from the Universidad...


  18. Citrine Tools for Materials Informatics

    05 Dec 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Juan Carlos Verduzco Gastelum, Alejandro Strachan

    Jupyter notebooks for sequential learning in the context of materials design. Run your own models, explore various methods and adapt the notebooks to your needs.

  19. Aug 12 2019

    ICANM2019:7th International Conference & Exhibition on Advanced & Nano Materials

    The 7th International Conference & Exhibition on Advanced & Nano Materials (ICANM2019) will take place from August 12 to 14 in Montreal, Canada. This conference offers the unique...


  20. Katherine Acord