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  1. Sumudu Tennakoon


  2. Displacement field of the phonon modes for 1.6-nm-thick Si square nanowire

    26 Sep 2014 | Contributor(s):: Igor Bejenari

    The phonon modes of 1.6-nm-thick Si square nanowires with [100] crystalline orientation are shown. The [010] and [001] facets are passivated by hydrogen and there are Si-Si dimers on the nanowire surface. The phonon dispersion and eigenvectors were calculated from a valence force field model of...

  3. Heeyuen Koh


  4. Phonon Vibrations

    11 Jul 2011 | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska, Gerhard Klimeck

    Vibrations of the crystalline lattice are explained on the examples of monoatomic and diatomic lattice.