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  1. Validating Simple Approaches for Quantum Cascade Laser Modeling

    21 Apr 2016 | | Contributor(s):: Martin Franckie, David O. Winge, Andreas Wacker

    IWCE 2015 presentation. Abstract and more information to be added at a later date.

  2. Modeling of Quantum Cascade Laser Sources with Giant Optical Nonlinearities

    07 Apr 2016 | | Contributor(s):: Christian Jirauschek

    IWCE 2015 Presentation. A characteristic feature of the quantum cascade laser (QCL) is that the optical properties of the active region can be custom-tailored by quantum engineering. Recently, the possibility to integrate giant artificial optical nonlinearities has enabled various novel...

  3. Wigner Function Approach to Quantum Transport in QCLs

    10 Feb 2016 | | Contributor(s):: Olafur Jonasson, Irena Knezevic

    IWCE 2015 presentation.  Abstract and more information to be added at a later date.

  4. Thermal Conductivity of III-V Semiconductor Superlattices

    25 Jan 2016 | | Contributor(s):: Song Mei, Zlatan Aksamija, Irena Knezevic

    IWCE 2015 presentation.  An InGaAs/InAlAs superlattice (SL) on an InP substrate is the mainstream material system for mid- IR quantum cascade lasers (QCL). The thermal conductivity tensor of SLs is critical for energy-efficient performance of QCLs; understanding the relative importance of...

  5. From Single-Stage to Device-Level Simulation of Coupled Electron and Phonon Transport in Quantum Cascade Lasers

    02 Nov 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Irena Knezevic

    IWCE 2015 presentation.  Abstract and more information to be added at a later date.

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    Currently, working as a senior design verification engineer in an Indian company with 6+ cumulative experience. I did my post-graduation in 2013 from University of Leeds in Nanotechnology and...


  9. Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers

    22 Feb 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Claire Gmachl

    Quantum Cascade (QC) lasers are a rapidly evolving mid-infrared and THz, semiconductor laser technology based on intersubband transitions in multiple coupled quantum wells. The lasers’ strengths are their wavelength tailorability, high performance and fascinating design potential. We will first...

  10. Shahriar Rizwan

    Hello, I'm Shahriar Rizwan. I've graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh. Now I'm working as a Software...


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    My name is Sourav Das, born on 27th September, 1987 in Jessore, Bangladesh. I have graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in February, 2011 in Electrical and...


  12. Nonequilibrium Green’s functions theory: Transport and optical gain in THz quantum cascade lasers

    26 Mar 2010 | | Contributor(s):: Tillmann Christoph Kubis

    Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) are promising sources of coherent THz radiation. However, state of the art THz-QCLs are still limited to cryogenic temperatures. The charge transport in these QCLs is subject to coherent quantum phenomena, such as quantum tunneling, confinement and interferences as...