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  1. Aug 21 2023

    ICCE2023: 11th International Conference & Exhibition on Clean Energy

    ICCE2023 will provide a forum to exchange information, present new technologies and developments, and discuss the future direction, strategies and priorities in the field of clean/green and...




  3. Solar Thermoelectric Generator Simulation Tool

    18 Oct 2022 | Contributor(s):: Tien Dao, Thiraj D Mohankumar, Je-Hyeong Bahk

    Simulate solar thermoelectric generator using both the Seebeck and Peltier Effect.

  4. Solar Thermoelectric Example File

    Downloads | 06 Jun 2022 | Contributor(s):: Tien Dao, Je-Hyeong Bahk

    This file is use for simulation of Solar Thermoelectric. In this file, user can upload their own thermoelectric material properties and run simulation. In order for the uploaded file to work, please remove all contents in row 1 and 2 and upload as such. Also, please pay close attention to your...

  5. Calculating short circuit current density (Jsc) from external quantum efficiency (EQE)

    Tools | 10 Dec 2021 | Contributor(s):: Prateek Malhotra, Dr. Subhyan Biswas, Ganesh D Sharma

    Jsc is an important performance parameter to study solar cells. Calculating Jsc from EQE requires a lot of effort as interpolation and integration are to be performed with precision. This tool gives results within seconds.

  6. Jeremy Lipinski

    I am the managing partner of Emergent Solar Energy, located in the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana. We are a commercial solar design-build firm with a focus on the commercial...


  7. Jorge Rabanal-Arabach


  8. Solar Ovens: Understanding Energy Transfer

    Teaching Materials | 28 Jan 2020 | Contributor(s):: Christina Levyssohn-Silva, NNCI Nano

    At the end of this lesson, students will understand that solar energy radiates from the sun to the Earth and gets trapped within the oven. Students will be able to explain how the thermal energy flows from the hot air to the cold water via conduction and will indicate that this would continue...

  9. Jake Williams


  10. Chris Jones


  11. aimal daud khan


  12. Mohamad Rahmani


  13. Ultrafast Microscopy of Energy and Charge Transport

    Online Presentations | 21 Dec 2017 | Contributor(s):: Libai Huang

    In my talk, I will focus on our recent progress on visualization of exciton and charge transport in  solar  cell materials.

  14. Simón Montoya Bedoya


  15. Mitsul Rashmin Kacharia

    Graduate research assistant at Rochester Institute of Technology working on high efficiency III-V solar cells for space applications.


  16. Michael Zhao


  17. Akhil Devdas Prabhu


  18. Amartya Dutta


  19. Nanotechnology and the NAE Grand Challenge Make Solar Energy Economical

    Teaching Materials | 20 Jun 2016 | Contributor(s):: Edward Davis, Virginia A. Davis

    This group of materials is designed to provide a framework to teach students in an introductory engineering course basic nanotechnology concepts. The materials use the NAE grand challenge “Make Solar Energy Economical” to underpin the need and potential for nanotechnology to address...