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  1. Hello, can this tool be updated with GaN?

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  2. negative effective mass for ultra-thin body Si nanosheet

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    I used the ultra-thin body setting to calculate the band structure of a DGFET with 12nm body thickness. I used <110> as transport direction, <001> as confinement...


  3. Which parameters are used for bulk Si?

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    Is the tight binding model for Silicon the one published in Boykin et al., PRB 81, 125202 (2010)?


  4. effective mass in different direction

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    How can I get mx my mz in nanowire structure? In the simulation results, I see the term "effective mass", but it's just for one direction(k direction which I select). So, what...


  5. 111 nanowire in electronis and holes

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    Simulation seems to stall at the end of the NEMO5 simulation for 2.5nm thick 111 wires.   When selectin electrons and holes combined.   The individual "just...


  6. Confinement and Transport direction mismatch

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    I am using UTB bandstructure calculation tool and finding problems in orientation parameters.


  7. Save 3D volume bandstructure

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    Hi all, 

    I run a 3D volume simulation with Banstructure Lab. In the output log file only the k points are listed, NOT the energy values...

    How can I save the complete 3D...


  8. Parameters for InAs

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    Dear team,

    Can you please provide me with the reference for the tight binding parameters that are used in the calculations for InAs and GaAs ?

    Best Regards




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    I Want to calculate bandstructure of my material. That is actually double perovskite structured. Cs2BiAgCl6. How do I proceed??


  10. How does the tool compute the transverse effective mass for bulk si bandstructure

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    How does the tool compute the transverse effective mass for bulk Si?




  11. Indirect to direct transition of the bandstructure

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    I am trying to simulate the  Si-channel UTB SOI .I hope to see the transition from indirect band-gap to direct band-gap as go for thicknesses below 3 nm. But I find the...


  12. Can we increase the limit of k-space region from 0,0 to

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    I want to simulate the Ultra-thin body Silicon for [0,0] to [1,0]  instead of [0,0] to [0.5,0] in k-space.I am unable to change that manually.Please can you help me out?


  13. how can i save the files to my computer? i use the download on the right corner and i click save. but i cant find it again

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  14. Band structure error in InAs UTB devices

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    first of all, I would like to thank you to have developed and made ​​available online this tool. Currently, I’m interested in the study of the band structure of https://nanohub.org/answers/question/1328

  15. Exit code 139

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    GaAs with biaxial strain, swept from -3% to +3% produces the following error: Problem launching job: Program...


  16. Confinement Effective mass

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    Dear Admins, I am interested in calculating the effective mass along the confinement direction for nanowire geometries. Can this be done using Bandstrlab or is there another tool for it? Thanks...


  17. Abnormal Termination of DGMOS UTB Self-Consistent Simulation

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    When running an Ultra-thin body MOSFET simulation with the job type set to “Calculate the UTB band-structure self consistently https://nanohub.org/answers/question/1100

  18. 2% biaxial strain Ge, promen at the Gamma point

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    Dear all, When I simulate the bandstructure of Ge with high strain (2%), I get a discontinuity at the Gamma point, and therefore the effective masses are not correctly calculated. Can you...


  19. L point on bulk central bands and bulk (all) band structure plots appears truncated

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    When simulating the bulk band structure for GaAs and Si (I haven’t tried others), I noticed that the L...


  20. The results for strained Si nanowire are different with the other literature

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    The obtained results for strained silicon nanowire are different with other literature. The energy difference between the minimum of light and heavy bands should be decreased in...