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  1. Simulation of dual material gate MOSFET

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    How can I simulate dual matererial double gate? If I want to simulate double gate FET with graded channel, which tool should I use?


  2. what is the difference between substrate and channel, isn't in bulk mosfet there is only one substrate?

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  3. How does this simulator considers electron effective mass in its modeling?

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    I want to know how electron effective mass is considered for the simulation model for DG MOSFET.


  4. How to measure the thresold and leakage current for MOSFET

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        Hello there, 

    Is there any guide or manual which we can refer to get the values for the threshold, as it is a very specific towards the technology it would be...


  5. Convergence problem, take smaller steps

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    I receive this error when running the MOSFET tool. Any one can suggest a solution


  6. how can i plot conduction band along the semiconductor surface from source to drian

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  7. how can i get the device description of double gate MOS

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  8. How to provide parameter values for SOI MOSFET simulation

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  9. Running impact ionization

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    I seem to get a blank plot. When I change to the Energy_balance model I get an error.


  10. How do you determine the threshold bias from this simulation?

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  11. Can I save the results of a MOSFET run and come back later to reuse and continue the study?

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  12. Can I save the results of a MOSFET run and come back later to reuse and continue the study?

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  13. Obtaining simulation data

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    Is there a way to obtain a file that contains the data plotted in the output plots in the form of (x,y) pairs of data points ? (to be used in one’s own plotting tool).


  14. how to include other than gaussian doping density in the tool

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  15. how to include other than gaussian doping density in the tool

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  16. how to do channel tapering

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    how this soi generated by giving different parameters included in spice for digital /analog design


  17. how to include different materials in sio2

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    how to place n+ or p+ material over gate as it is done by IIT, delhi professor


  18. how nanohub differentiate between mask length (Lmask) and effective length (Leff) for MOSFET

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  19. Short channel modeling using this tool?

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    Hi, The simulation doesn’t seem to model short channel effects. When I simulated IV (Id-VG and Id-Vd) for 70nm, 55nm, and 50nm drawn L, I hardly got any difference in the values?


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