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  1. The simulation server seems to be down. The simulations are not running any more. Please check the tool.

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  2. Source code

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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    This tool is tagged as Open Source. Nevertheless, I was unable to find any link to the source code. Would it be possible to let me know where to find it...


  3. Download NanoMOS 4.0.4

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    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know the source to download the NanoMOS 4.0.4 source file


  4. What is bar_top in oxide penetration?

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    What does bar_top in oxide penetration block signify? It is just a number used to form an array 'Ec_top=bar_top*ones(Np_top+1,1)'in the schred.m function. I am not able to decode as to...


  5. Does nanomos work for devices of exact 5nm channel thickness?

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    Does nanomos work for devices of exact 5nm channel thickness? I am having convergence problem for device of 5nm thickness. Please reply.


  6. problem in fermi function

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    I got an error while simulating ultra thin body III-V DGFET.

    Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

    Error in fermi (line 22)https://nanohub.org/answers/question/1910

  7. current.m generate a variable 'ans'

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    Whenever I am running current.m or current_dd.m I am getting a variable of 100x1 dimension 'ans' as the output.

    What is the significance of this?



  8. Plotting drain current vs drain voltage

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    % ID-VD CHARACTERISTICS (A/m), SAVED TO "output_dir/IV.dat"
    % -------------------------------------------------
    if (Nd_step>=1 & Ng_step==0)https://nanohub.org/answers/question/1905

  9. Running in MATLAB

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    Have extracted the file and began to run nmos_in.m, but it is showing error as 

    Error using fprintf
    Invalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file...


  10. Simulating DGFET on nanomos 4.0.4

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    Can anyone please guide me as to how to simulate a DGFET on nanomos version 4.0.4 using matlab?

    I have run the nmos_in.m and main.m. But I am not able to see the result as such. For...


  11. Query regarding examples in nanomos 4.0.4

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    I have downloaded nanomos 4.0.4 and I am not able to figure out how to run the example files. They dont look anything like standard matlab codes.

    I have run the nmos_in.m file and...


  12. How to run NanoMOS 4.0.4 on my laptop?

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    I downloaded the NanoMOS 4.0.4 file and tried running the main.m file on MATLAB 2015b. It gave an error in the code :


    Operands to the || and && operators...


  13. Problem installing NanoMOS Version 4.0.4

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    I have a windows 10 system and I tried installing NanoMOS Version 4.0.4. I downloaded the file available in the nanohub website, but the installation file wont run. Can anyone please advise as...


  14. The code faces convergence issue when the number of probes is reduced from Nx-2 to any other value. Is there a way to rectify that? (This is for Nanomos2.5)

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  15. What ist the effective mass for DGMOSFET, ballistic NEGF ?

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  16. Can we observe the Fermi level (EF) or the electron quasi-Fermi level?

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  17. different materials giving the same current in nanoMOS

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    I have assigned a class project for my class where the students have to study different materials (Si, GaAs, etc) in a dual-gate structure using the nanoMOS toolkit. However, both Si and GaAs as...


  18. nanomos spinfet fails

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    I run a spinfet simulation with default parameters and input. After the simulation is done, there is an error in loading the results. It says: .../results.mat no such file or directory. Probably...


  19. Nanomos 2.0/3.1 is not working in MATLAB

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    I had nanomos 2.0 but i couldn't run the input deck files. I would always get an error. So i downloaded nanomos 3.1. But in this version there is no function (like nanomos in nanomos 2.0)...


  20. Is it possible to dope the channel with n type doping?

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    I want to simulate junctionless doublegate nMOSFET. For this i have to dope the channel with n type doping along with the source and drain. Is it possible to dope the channel with n type doping...