Carbon Nanotube Fracture /

C(60) Fullerene and DNA

Ratcheted dodecahedron describe the double helix.

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Place a dodecahedron into one of the pentagons on a buckeyball. Then add the ratcheted dodecahedron toward the opposite pentagon until you reach it. You complete a twist of the double helix.

Now integrate noble transition metals into various buckeyballs and pump them into the aqueduct of sylvius through the soft palate. I have attached the apparatus with a gold cathode. By doping the telemere (ends) of the DNA in the cerebrospinal fluid within the third ventricle, when the aqueduct of sylvius opens the next full moon the DNA moves to the lower dan tien (root chakra) where it will repair the prostate. Platinum will repair the heart and lungs. Gold will decalcify and repair the pineal gland (melatonin/dimethyltryptamine).

Applied medical nanotechnology!

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