Fin Temperature CDF Tool

Calculation of Fin Temperature for Adiabatic Tip and Infinite Fins

The following CDF tool calculates the normalized fin temperature ($$\theta(x)/\theta_{base}$$) for two cases:

  • Case 1: Adiabatic fin tip
  • Case 2: Infinitely long fin

In both cases, the cross sectional area of the fin is assumed to be constant.

We use the conventional definition of the fin eigenvalue $$m$$:

$$m = \sqrt{\frac{hP}{kA_c}}$$


  • h is the convective heat transfer coefficient
  • P is the fin perimeter
  • k is the fin’s thermal conductivity
  • $$A_c$$ is the fin’s cross-sectional area

Graphical CDF Tool

The CDF tool follows. Note that the distance from the fin base is normalized by the fin length (i.e., x in the formulas below represents the dimensional distance from the base divided by the fin length L).

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