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Information for Prospective Authors:

Authors interested in contributing to the series should prepare a short prospectus for a proposed volume of less than about 300 pages. Include a paragraph (or a maximum of two) describing the proposed volume, why the topic is important, and how it addresses the vision of the series (see below). Also include a list of the chapter (lecture) titles.

Suggested format:

1) Title of the proposed volume

2) Brief description in one or two paragraphs.

3) Brief discussion of how the proposed volume aligns with the vision of the series.

Does it:

a) Treat an important, new topic with a unique “point-of-view”?
b) Treat an important topic in a way that transcends disciplinary boundaries?
c) Treat a traditional topic in science or engineering from the perspective of recent advanced in nanoscience?

4) Listing of chapter (Lecture) titles

5) Tentative delivery date for manuscript

Mark Lundstrom (lundstro@purdue.edu)

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