Submit a Prospectus:

Submit a Prospectus:

Lessons from Nanoscience

Information for prospective authors:

Authors interested in contributing to the series should prepare a short prospectus for a proposed volume of less than 300 pages. Include a paragraph (or a maximum of two) describing the proposed volume, why the topic is important, and how it addresses the vision of the series. Also include a list of the chapter titles, and send the prospectus to one of the series editors.

Suggested format for the prospectus:

1. Title of the proposed volume
2. Brief description in one or two paragraphs.
4. Expected length in pages
3. Brief discussion of how the proposed volume aligns with the vision of the series. Does it do one or more of the following?

  • Treat an important, new topic with a unique “point-of-view”?
  • Discuss an important topic in a way that transcends disciplinary boundaries?
  • Present a traditional topic in science or engineering from the perspective of recent advances in nanoscience?
  • Do something else that addresses an unmet need?

4. Tentative list of of chapter titles
5. Tentative delivery date for manuscript

Please send your prospectus or questions to the series editors:

Mark Lundstrom ( Supriyo Datta (

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