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  1. MDSimulation: tleap savePdb shift coordinates

    * savePdb option in tleap is not reliable. It translate the system to a different location PBC is associated with amber inpcrd/rst file tleap in amber16 write out CRYST1 Use ambpdb instead after...


  2. SoftwareInstallation: OpenMM-7.0, WATsite, Debug, as a Module

    Current settings for Alienware (Lill labtop) Create new folder under Desktop: openmm7-watsite Install local python version in openmm7-watsite Download Python-2.7.12.tar.xz from www.python.org...


  3. OpenMM7-watsite on Alienware

    CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE DebugCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX /home/ubuntu/Desktop/openmm7-watsite/bin


  4. Big Ideas in Nano -- OLD version, not up to date

    Table 1: Big Ideas in Nanoscale Science and Engineering(From notes Created on 04 Nov 2015, Last modified on 04 Nov 2015)However…. I think we only have 1-9 now? This may have been created...


  5. html formatting for the resource page

    CLICK EDIT TO VIEW!!This database lists nanoscale science and engineering education resources by topic area, grade level, core discipline, STEM content area, and resource type. It also indicates...


  6. Version 3 Notes

    From CNSI: I just checked over everything now and it seems up to date, I would just add that the grade is now 7-12 instead of just 9-12. But I am not sure what NS1-9 mean. Can you please advise?...


  7. Explaining The Penalty Fever Unblocked Game

    Synopsis On Penalty Fever:Today, the mode of entertainment has seen tremendous changes and most people are sticking towards playing online games either on their smart gadgets or on their PC. Among...


  8. Meeting 12/5/2016

    Meeting to talk about collaboration.


  9. Main Page

    What are wiki pages? Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. Any contributor or a group of contributors can create (and own) new articles, and there can be multiple articles...


  10. Makanan Yang Baik Dikonsumsi Bagi Ibu Hamil Kembar

    Saat dalam masa kehamilan terutama bagi ibu yang sedang hamil kembar, asupan nutrisi yang masuk kedalam tubuh tentu haruslah tercukupi agar janin tetap dalam keadaan sehat. Bagi ibu yang sedang...


  11. Charmm Lambda dynamics

    QMLD logical variable stating whether Multi-site L-dynamics is in useQLDM logical variable for Lambda dynaimcs NSITEMLD integer for total number of Sites in Multi-site L-dynamicsISITEMLD...


  12. Maxwell's Silver Hammer Formula

    math_failure (math_unknown_error2): nablatimes{bf H} = {bf J} + {{partial{bf D}}over{partial t}}


  13. Notes are notable notations, no?

    Here is the text of the note.


  14. SoftwareInstallation: modified OpenMM as a Module

    Install Modified OpenMM as a Module* Create a python virtual environment using conda: conda create -n openmm-watsite python=2.7 anaconda* Activate the specific python environment: source activate...


  15. New Note Test

    This is a new note started by the new new note starter.It has bold, italic, underlined text, and also formulas like this: T,,s,, = 1 − R,,s,,


  16. Timeline

    11/23/16Created projectadded 2 folders (empty) and 1 file (nanoHUB1)Not yet connected to Google DriveLowell joined the group.Next steps— add some files (word upload) to each folder from...


  17. Beachbody 21 Day Fix Review

    This Beach Body 21 day fix reviews is going to concentrate on the workouts, nutrition and cost. All 3 variables are important to consider before you buy a program. Let us begin by considering the...


  18. SEO strategy

    If you are looking for SEO and Online Marketing you must choose a reliable company that provides you the best as well as successful techniques for SEO with Internet Marketing CT. There is a...


  19. Vero Coin International best experienced cryptocurrency so far

    Vero Coin International worldwide organization has fared tolerably since its commencement, keeping up a huge bit of its worth while staying available to first-time financial specialists. On...


  20. Main Page

    What are wiki pages? Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. Any contributor or a group of contributors can create (and own) new articles, and there can be multiple articles...