The NCN is an NSF-supported "research and infrastructure" network with a shared vision for the role that innovative cyberinfrastructure can play in research, education, and outreach. We are deploying a major resource for the community (the nanoHUB science gateway) and developing open-source technology that others can use. Our goal is to create a community of faculty, students, and professionals who share an open source, collaborative philosophy and to enable them with innovative, shared cyberinfrastructure.

To spark the development of this community, the NCN has seeded research efforts in nanoelectronics, NEMS and nanofluidics, and nanomedicine/biology, as well as a new effort in nanophotonics. The first three have grown into center-scale programs that produce resources for the nanoHUB and that also demonstrate the role that NCN/nanoHUB technology can play in enabling, disseminating, and promoting high-quality research. We seek partners to broaden our research to other fields of nanoscience and technology as well as to complement the fields we already address. Contact us to explore the possibilities.