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umme takia zaman

How can I get the total absorption/absorbance of the whole surface of a quantum dot in a QD solar cell by varying the angles theta and phi?

Hi there,

I was doing a research on Quantum Dot in Solar Cell and I thought your software could be very useful for my work. I was intending to vary the size and shape of quantum dots and see the output absorbance of the solar cell. I know I can vary the angle theta, but how can I put a range on both of the angles so that I can get the total absorbance of the whole surface? Or if I have to integrate over the whole surface, what equation should i be using?

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    Prasad Sarangapani

    Currently it is not possible to sweep both theta and phi at the same time. You will need to sweep them individually multiple times and then get absorption as a function of theta and phi. Once you get that, you can integrate it to get the absorbance. 

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