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sara salemi

some questions about using of UMS approach and requesting the source code

Hi, I want to calculate the carrier transport according to this paper “A three dimensional quantum simulation of silicon nanowire transistors with effective mass approximation” by Jing Wang, Eric Polizzi and Mark Lundstrom. There is a small pore in the middle of nanowire in my model. In this direction, I have some questions.

1- Can I use the uncoupled mode space (UMS) approach in your paper for the calculation of carrier transport in the silicon nanowire with a nanopore? (I think, I can’t use UMS approach, instead, I must use coupled mode space (CMS) approach.) 2- How long it takes the calculation of carrier transport of SiNW FET with 10 nm in the CMS approach? 3- Can I have access to source code of the paper , Please? Could you guide me, please? Thanks in advance,

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