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Silverio Delgado

How soon will the software be able to set the rotation of the object relative to the incident light?

I know that the option is hidden for now, “working on a gui based method to set the rotation of the object relative to the incident light.” I would like to know if it is possible to have, ddscat, have the ability to make those calculations in the meantime while a new method is being created. If it is not possible how soon would it be able to do so?

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    AbderRahman N Sobh

    This functionality is built into the original DDSCAT program and was included in a previous version. In an effort to make the program easier to use, it is currently disabled. It may be some time until the GUI method is implemented and as you are showing interest in this feature I will re-enable the menu for it. This will be present in the next version released and I will respond to this post when the release happens.

    Additionally, if you are drawing your object and using the DDAConvert tool you can orient your object within the 3D editor of your choice to face the “default” incident light along the x-axis.

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