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12 hours time limit

The biggest issue is the memory and time limitation. 12 hours does limit the simulation when I want to do a wavelength swipe on one structure. Also, the memory limits the points I can have in a structure, If the structure is little bit complicated or the resolution is high, than the simulation would fail before 12 hours limitation.

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    AbderRahman N Sobh


    The 12 hour time limit is a hard limit set by Nanohub. However, there is a way around it using the nanoDDSCAT+ tool:

    On the last page of the tool, before you hit submit, change the Execution Type setting from "Virtual-Local DDSCAT (12 Hour Limit)" to "Remote Parallel DDSCAT with wavelength splitting". You will notice that doing this will allow you to now set the "Number of minutes to allow for parallel processing" parameter. This option can be used even if you are only running a single wavelength.

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