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ronak rahimi

defining material and temperature,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I need to define my material which is Si and SiC and then run it in different temperature. I put model=a-si for defining Silicon but I do not know how to define SiC. I also need to run my program in different temperature, I mean I am wondering if nanohub will automatically calculate different parameters such as Eg, Nc, Nv, mobility and velocity in different temperatures.

Actually I want to have something like the following code,

mesh nx=1000 xres=1.0
layer tm=0.05 nd=1.0e15 model=a-Si layer tm=0.03 nd=1.0e7 model=SiC


solve itmax=100

i-v vstart=0.0 vstop=4 dv=0.1
output info=5 step=1

and in each run just change temperature and without defining the new parameters (due to changing temperature) be able to get the band diagram in different temperature.

Thanks, Ronak Rahimi

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    I think you are in device simulation area .I hope padre will solve this problem and you can read padre manual about material line.

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