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John Sidles

Bias voltage parameter doesn’t work?

No matter what parameter is entered for the bias voltage, the integrated potential is 0.6 volts.

If it’s a bug, it’s a serious one.

If it’s a feature … what am I missing?

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    Gokula Kannan

    Hi John, I do not think it is a bug. I am guessing you are talking about the Electrostatic potential(at equilibrium) – this actually refers to the conduction band potential of the P-N junction at equilibrium. And this difference at equilibrium will change only if the doping of the P and/or N-type is changed. You can try changing the doping, and you will see this potential decrease or increase based on how the fermi level moves for those doping values.

    You can look at the CV or IV characteristics or other Bias (non-equilibrium) plots to see the voltage bias range for the values you specified.

    Thanks, gokul

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