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What is the reference material for calculating the band offsets in the n-AlGaAs-pGaAs heterojunction

I was wondering how you calculated the band offsets in ADEPT, typically one assigns a reference material in such simulations. The affinity, band gap, intrinsic carrier concentration and density of states are needed for this reference material. This question is based on Dr Lundstrom’s heterostructure Fundamentals notes on Nanohub..

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    Jeff Gray

    ADEPT relies completely on input parameters from the user. So, the band offsets are determined by what the electron affinities and bandgaps that the user assigns to the 2 materials.

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      aditya kalavagunta

      So for the nAlGaAs-pGaAs heterojunction, is ADEPT assuming the GaAs as the reference material? The electron affinities and band gap of both GaAs and AlGaAs are specified by the user. Thanks

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