Past Undergraduate Research in Computational Nanotechnology

Past Projects

Published Simulation Tools From Previous SURF Students

Posters and Presentations of NCN Undergraduate Research

Stanford Stratified Structure Solver (S4) Simulation tool
Contributors: Chang Liu, Ogaga Daniel Odele, Xufeng Wang, Peter Bermel

Crystal Viewer Simulation Tool
Contributors: Osiris Vincent Ntarugera, Zach Schaffter, Kevin Margatan, Tanya Faltens, James Fonseca, Michael Povolotskyi, Gerhard Klimeck

Electrical Thin Double Layer Simulation and Micro-Electrochemical Supercapacitor Cooling
Contributors: Kaitlyn Fisher, Guoping Xiong, Timothy S Fisher

NanoHub Submit Scheme
Contributors: Alejandro Gomez, Alejandro Strachan, Benjamin Haley, Steven Clark

Designing Meaningful MD Simulations: The Lithiation of Silicon
Contributors: Maria C Rincon, Hojin Kim, David Guzman, Alejandro Strachan

Crystalline Cellulose – Atomistic Modeling Toolkit
Contributors: Mateo Gómez Zuluaga, Fernando Luis Dri, Robert J. Moon, Pablo Daniel Zavattieri

Thermophotovoltaic Efficiency Simulation
Contributors: Qingshuang Chen, Roman Shugayev, Peter Bermel

Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations
Contributors: Jingyuan Liang, R. Edwin Garcí­a, Ding-Wen Chung

Next Generation Crystal Viewer
Contributors: Zach Schaffter, Gerhard Klimeck, Osiris Vincent Ntarugera, Kevin Margatan

Assessing the MVS Model for Nanotransistors
Contributors: Siyang Liu, Xingshu Sun, Mark Lundstrom

Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulation of Photovoltaic Structures using a Graphical User Interface for MEEP
Contributors: Xin Tze Tee, Haejun Chung, Peter Bermel