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Home Groups Challenges in PV Science, Technology, and Manufacturing: A workshop on the role of theory, modeling, and simulation
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  • Created 01 Jun 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Welcome and Perspectives - Mark Lundstrom

7:30-8:00AM      Breafast and Registration
8:00-8:20AM      Mark Lundstrom (Purdue) Opening Remarks
8:20-8:40AM      Dick Swanson (SunPower)
8:40-9:00AM      Bill Tumas (NREL)
9:00-9:20AM      Eli Yablonovitch (Berkeley)
9:20-10:00AM    Panel Discussion – Steve Hillenius (SRC)

10:00-10:30AM BREAK

Technical Session 1:
Crystalline PV – Larry Kazmerski

10:30-10:50AM  Richard Schwartz (Purdue)
10:50-11:10AM  Tonio Buonassisi (MIT)
11:10-11:30AM  Dick Swanson (SunPower)
11:30-11:50AM  Scott Dunham (U Wash)
11:50-12:30PM   Panel Discussion – Larry Kazmerski (NREL)

12:30-1:30PM    WORKING LUNCH
                        SERIIUS by Larry Kazmerski
                        SRC ERI by Steve Hillenius
                        BAPVC by John Benner

Technical Session 2:
Thin-Film PV – Rakesh Agrawal

1:30-1:50PM      Vladan Stevanovic (NREL)
1:50-2:10PM      Vikram Dalal (Iowa)
2:10-2:30PM      Supratik Guha (IBM)
2:30-2:50PM      Marcus Gloeckler (First Solar)
2:50-3:30PM      Panel Discussion - Rakesh Agrawal (Purdue)
3:30-3:50PM  BREAK

Technical Session 3:
Organic PV – Jeff Neaton

3:50-4:10PM      Sean Shaheen (U. Denver)
4:10-4:30PM      Gang Li (UCLA)
4:30-4:50PM      M. Ashraf Alam (Purdue)
4:50-5:10PM      Seth B. Darling (Argonne)
5:10-5:50PM      Panel Discussion – Jeff Neaton (LBL)
6:00PM             RECEPTION – Armstrong Atrium

7:00PM             DINNER

Followed by Demonstration of nanoHUB and PVhub
By Gerhard Klimeck


Friday, August 3, 2012

Technical Session 4
Characterization, Modeling and Simulation – John Benner

7:30-8:00AM    Breakfast
8:00-8:20AM    Dean Levi (NREL)
8:20-8:40AM    Angus Rockett (UIUC)
8:40-9:00AM    Jim Sites (Colorado State)
9:00-9:20AM    Rachel Goldman (Michigan)
9:20-10:00AM   Panel Discussion –  John Benner


Breakout 0: Broad Issues (ARMS 1021 Room) – B.J. Stanbery
Breakout 1: Crystalline PV (ARMS Room 1028) – Bob Havemann
Breakout 2: Thin-Film (ARMS Room1103) – Oki Guanwan
Breakout 3: OPV (ARMS Room 3109) – Jim Yardley
Breakout 4: Characterization (ARMS Room 3115) – David Ginley

11:30-12:30PM WRAP-UP

Breakout discussion leaders summarize their two slides and the audience responds. (10 min per topic)


1:30PM - Tour of the Birck Facilities - Ali Shakouri, Director


August 2-3, 2012

Invitation only

Purdue University
Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering
Room 1010
701 West Stadium Avenue
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