Structure and Properties of Carbon and Boron Nitride Nanotubes

By Brian Demczyk


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This presentation describes structure and mechanical property determinations on carbon and boron nitride (sp2-bonded) nanotubes , as deduced by transmission electron microscopy.


Faculty: Michael Bretz - UM Physics
Robert Ritchie - UCB MSE
Alex Zettl - UCB Physics

Staff:Christian Kisielowski - NCEM
Chris Nelson - NCEM
Tony Freeman - LBNL

Students:John Cumings - UCB Physics
Aileen Wang - UCB Physics

Sponsored by

Portions of this work (nanotube mechanical tests) were funded by a were funded by a grant (DEC03-76SF00098) from the Director of the Office of Science, Office of Science, Materials Science Division of the United States Department of Energy and (carbon nanotube synthesis) by grants DMR 98-01738 and DMR 95-01156 from the National Science Foundation.


Applied Physics Letters 78( 18) (2001) 2272.
Materials Science and Engineering A334 (2002) 173.

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