NEMO5 2014 Summer Hands-on session materials



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This download resource contains the materials for NEMO5 2014 Summer hands-on sessions. It contains 8 sessions with related presentations, input decks, reference results.

The contents of each session are list below:

Session 1: Simulating UTBs and Nanowires with Quantum Transmitting Boundary Method (QTBM) in NEMO5

Session 2: NEMO5: Hands on session2 RGF and its inputdecks

Session 3: Diffusive leads General lead with constant i*η in the lead 

Session 4 (Part I): NEMO5 with Random Alloys
Session 4 (Part II): NEMO5: QTBM Transport with Charge Impurities

Session 5: Simulating TFETs with Quantum Transmitting Boundary Method (QTBM) in NEMO5

Session 6: Modeling of Schottky contact with NEMO5

Session 7 (Part I): Usage of Python Input deck
Session 7 (Part II): How to read in external structure and simulate quantum transport in NEMO5

Session 8: Transport in heterostructures that have strain

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Zhengping Jiang, James Fonseca

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