Add Rappture to Your Software Development - Learning Module

By Michael McLennan

Purdue University

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This series is a set of presentations formerly known as a "Learning Module." The presentations are meant to be viewed in sequence to get a full understanding of the topic. Please click on the following links in order to access each of the presentations in sequence.


Wrapping Legacy Tools

Rappture in Fortran

Rappture in Python

Coming Soon....

The Rappture toolkit solves that problem by providing the basic infrastructure for a large class of scientific applications, letting scientists focus on their core algorithm. It does so in a language-neutral fashion, so you can access Rappture in a variety of programming environments, including C/C++, Fortran and Python. To use Rappture, you simply describe all of the inputs and outputs for your simulator, and Rappture generates a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for your tool automatically.

This tutorial provides an overview of Rappture and its capabilities. It shows an example of giving a "face lift" to a legacy tool by wrapping it with a Rappture interface. It also shows how Rappture can be directly integrated into new simulators written in Fortran, Python, etc. With very little investment, Rappture will produce a friendly user interface for your application.

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