By Gianluca Fiori1; Giuseppe Iannaccone2

1. University of Pisa 2. Universita' di Pisa

3D Poisson/NEGF solver for the simulation of Graphene Nanoribbon, Carbon nanotubes and Silicon Nanowire Transistors.

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Version 1.23 - published on 06 Oct 2016

doi:10.4231/D33J3925R cite this

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NanoTCAD ViDES is a device simulator able to compute transport in nanoscale devices, solving self-consistently the 3D Poisson and quantum transport equation within the NEGF formalism. This version of NanoTCAD ViDES deals with Graphene Nanoribbon (GNR), Carbon Nanotube (CNT) and Silicon Nanowire FET with arbitrary gate geometry. In particular, transport in CNT is computed solving the pz-orbital tight-binding Hamiltonian, both on a mode and real space basis set. Transport in SNWT is instead computed within the effective mass approximation. For what concerns GNR and CNT, devices with Schottky barriers and doped reservoirs can be both simulated. You can DOWNLOAD the source code under the BSD 4-clause license and find more information at NanoTCAD ViDES website


Xufeng Wang (rappture interface)


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