Introductory Seminars on What is Nanotechnology?

By Joseph M. Cychosz (editor)

Network for Computational Nanotechnology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN



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A collection of presentations which answer an aspect of the question "What is nanoteechnology?"

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In This Series

  1. Introduction to Nanometer Scale Science & Technology

    Online Presentations | 18 Jan 2005 | Contributor(s): Mark Hersam | 13290 users

    This seminar will provide an introductory overview for non-experts of the emerging field of nanometer scale science and technology. The following topics will be emphasized: (1) historical background and motivation for the study of nanometer scale phenomena; (2) strategies for controlling the...

  2. Nanomaterials: Quantum Dots, Nanowires and Nanotubes

    Online Presentations | 15 Jul 2005 | Contributor(s): Timothy D. Sands | 15125 users

    What is a quantum dot? What is a nanowire? What is a nanotube? Why are these interesting and what are their potential applications? How are they made? This presentation is intended to begin to answer these questions while introducing some fundamental concepts such as wave-particle duality,...

  3. Quantum Dots

    Online Presentations | 21 Jul 2005 | Contributor(s): Gerhard Klimeck | 8786 users

    Quantum Dots are man-made artificial atoms that confine electrons to a small space. As such, they have atomic-like behavior and enable the study of quantum mechanical effects on a length scale that is around 100 times larger than the pure atomic scale. Quantum dots offer application...

  4. A Gentle Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanoscience

    Online Presentations | 13 Feb 2006 | Contributor(s): Mark Ratner | 15649 users

    While the Greek root nano just means dwarf, the nanoscale has become a giant focus of contemporary science and technology. We will examine the fundamental issues underlying the excitement involved in nanoscale research - what, why and how. Specific topics include assembly, properties,...

  5. Why is Nanotechnology Multidisciplinary? A perspective of one EE

    Online Presentations | 19 Oct 2006 | Contributor(s): Gerhard Klimeck | 5097 users

    The field of nano science and nano-technology covers broad areas of expertise. Classical fields of Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Electrical/Mechanical/Chemical Engineering all are involved in the "new" field. Nano research and development is therefore multidisciplinary. This...

  6. Nanoscience at Work: Creating Energy from Sunlight

    Online Presentations | 13 Jun 2007 | Contributor(s): A. Paul Alivisatos | 1182 users

    Professor Paul Alivisatos introduces the Helios Project for the 2007 'Science at the Theater' series at Berkeley Repertory Theater in Berkeley, California. He discusses how Helios Project researchers use nanotechnology in the efficient capture of sunlight, and its conversion to electricity to...

  7. Thinking Small

    Online Presentations | 17 Apr 2008 | Contributor(s): Carl Batt, National Center for Learning & Teaching in Nanoscale Science & Engineering | 9845 users

    There is an overwhelming need on the part of the research community to explain our efforts in nanoscale science and engineering to the general public. To do so effectively there is also a need to catalogue the public's understanding of nanotechnology especially with respect to their ability to...

  8. DragonflyTV Nano – Using the Power of Television to Introduce Middle School Children to Nanotechnology

    Online Presentations | 15 Jan 2009 | Contributor(s): Richard Hudson, Joan Freese, Angie Prindle, Lisa Regalla | 472 users

    DragonflyTV is a PBS science series for children, broadcast nationwide and on the internet. DragonflyTV models authentic science inquiry through its unique approach: In each episode, ordinary kids conduct their own inquiry-based investigations, modeling the inquiry process and communicating the...

  9. Energy and Nanoscience A More Perfect Union

    Online Presentations | 29 Mar 2009 | Contributor(s): Mark Ratner | 1022 users

    Huge problems of energy and sustainability confront the science/engineering community, mankind, and our planet. The energy problem comes in many dimensions, including supply, demand, conservation, transportation, and storage. This overview will stress the nature of these problems, and offer a few...